March 8th - 24th

The Friendly Festival

Food & Music @ The Junction


Thurs 21 & Fri 22 March  |  icon_clock.png 7.30pm |  The Junction Bistro | 2 courses £20.95, 3 courses £24.95
01505 842225 to book.


artist_bill_gray2.jpgBilly Gray started his music career at the age of 6 when he started accordion lessons.  These progressed through the years which gave him a very solid grounding in Music. All this initial spade work now pays dividends when it comes to building the Midi-File music that is the backbone of Jigsaw. The “Tuned” ears are a must for transposing song keys and detecting little anomalies in the selection of instruments, balance of one instrument to the others in the piece and in the overall presentation of the completed songs.

Billy’s first guitar was bought and was followed by the serious business of learning to play the beast. Progress was made and “Garage” music was born as this was the only place the budding “Rock Star” was allowed to practice with parents shouting get out here with that ****** noise.

His first Band was formed and with a mixture of excitement and nerves, Billy played his first public performance in a career that has stretched over many decades. In this time he has shared numerous stages playing in support bands to many of the big named artistes of the time.

Although initially playing the guitar, he played a Vox Continental Organ in the next band and then on to Bass guitar when the regular player failed to turn up, and, just like the Beatles, the original bass player was sacked and Billy has played Bass ever since. Meeting so many other musicians has given an excellent window to many different styles and ideas which was all contributory to Billy’s own ultimate distinctive style in both playing and singing in the versatile Duo known as Jigsaw.